Swim Manager

At Swansea Aquatics we use the Swim Manager software to manage our membership records, collecting monthly fees and the annual membership fee as well as communication across the club at different levels. 

Swim Manager is an online secure system which allows members to create their own Swim Portal and offers a variety of benefits for members. It allows members to access meet information, submit meet entries (and payment), track performance at meets over time as well as access their swimmer’s attendance records and receive messages from squad coaches. All of this can be able to be done from a PC or mobile device, and so gives instant easy access to a swimmer’s information.
Other members will not be able to see any of the details you enter on Swim Manager. Only a small number of people on the club’s executive committee are enabled to have administrative access to the system and to therefore have access to all membership records. Payment details are confidential, and cannot be accessed by anyone other than the card holder and you will have control of it at any time you need to change or cancel a card on your swim portal.
The first stage is to register for Swim Manager. At this point, you will be asked for details of the swimmer and, where appropriate parents/guardians. These are questions you would be expected to complete on joining the club and for membership renewal. During registration you will also be asked to select the appropriate squad and to enter card payment details. Automatic payment will then be taken on the first day of each month.  The process should take no more than a few minutes. Please follow this link for step by step instructions: Re-registration attachment
When you register a payment of £50 will be taken from the card in which you register to your portal, which will cover the annual membership fee that the Club pays to Swim Wales on your behalf and also includes a club membership element to the fee. Once you have registered you will receive confirmation of registration and payment. If you have any questions, these can be directed to info.swanseaaquatics@gmail.com, which will be answered by members of the executive committee. 

Swim Manager Registration


Please ensure when registering with Swim Manager that you change the region to ‘UK English’, if this isn’t done it can cause errors in the system, thank you.