Swansea Aquatics ONLY reimburses Officials who attend our events at special request by the Clubs Officials Coordinator. NO expenses can be claimed without prior authorisation.

Each club attending our meets are required, in line with the Event Meet Pack, to bring at least one Official and one Timekeeper as a minimum.

If you are officiating at a Swansea Aquatics event and are eligible to claim agreed expenses, you should notify the event management prior to your arrival. Expenses will not be agreed following an event.


Officials will be able to reclaim expenses for travel to and from events at £0.30 per mile or standard second class fare on public transport. Travel expenses will be available to officials attending two or three sessions a day for one return journey. Officials staying in accommodation for an event will be able to claim travel to and from the pool. Google maps will be used to check mileage incurred; please include route details including diversions and reroutes on the expenses application.


Overnight accommodation will be provided for:

  • Officials travelling over 30 miles and attending all 3 sessions the following day
  • Officials travelling over 150 miles and attending all 3 sessions can request accommodation the preceding and night of the event

Officials requiring overnight stays must contact event management to request accommodation. Officials wishing to book their own accommodation can reclaim up to £50 per night per room, couples can reclaim a £50 room allowance between them.

Individual requests for overnight accommodation may be considered under exceptional circumstances by event management.

Officials may be asked to room share-this is not compulsory. Officials who wish to room share should notify event management before arrival.


Officials attending Swansea Aquatics events will be provided with refreshments, tea and coffee throughout the day, as well as lunch and evening meals; this will be subjective to event duration and session times.

Officials staying in overnight accommodation are eligible to reclaim up to £15 meal allowance; this includes food and beverages, excluding alcoholic beverages. To reclaim meal allowances all receipts must be submitted with the final expenses application.

By volunteering at Swansea Aquatics events you are agreeing to the above policy.

The above policy is to ensure our events run smoothly, are enjoyable for our officials, and are designed to reimburse expenses incurred.

Expenses are processed 28 days after the close of an event, to ensure applications are processed expenses must be submitted by this deadline.

Officials Claim Form