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Swimming is a fantastic sport for developing fitness, building self-confidence, but without the knocks and injuries which come with so many other sports. For younger athletes, this means they can acquire all the benefits which come from a sport which requires (and burns up) lots of excess energy. City of Swansea Aquatics is one of the best clubs in Wales for developing younger swimmers.

Among the main physical advantages of swimming it:

  • Uses all the body’s major muscle groups, promoting complete development.
  • Offers the most complete aerobic fitness possible.
  • Enhances flexibility while building strength.
  • Helps develop superior coordination skills because of the complexity of the four multidimensional strokes and various techniques.
  • Is a low impact sport and therefore enjoys a low rate of serious injuries.
  • Adapts as one ages and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
  • Develops swimmers mentally, through strategy, concentrations and discussions of related areas, such as physiology, nutrition, and psychology.
  • Develops self-discipline, which transfers over to life skills outside the pool.

These are just some of the obvious benefits, but the advantages are too numerous to list. Long-time swimmers can attest to the life skills gained by participation, including time management, goal setting, cooperation and independence, but most importantly swimming friends are friends for life.

At City of Swansea Aquatics, our coaches know that no two swimmers are the same – and we have 9 squads and two pathways to develop swimmers at their own pace. Come and visit us at the Wales National Pool, Swansea on a Sunday evening or at Penlan Leisure Centre on a Friday evening, for a trial swim with our Academy Coach. They will assess your child’s standard of swimming to make sure they are put into the right squad, ensuring that your child is comfortable with the level of swimming they will be doing.