City of Swansea Aquatics Meet Entry Procedure

  • Swimmers will be invited by email, through Swim Manager, to enter a meet.
  • A meet pack will be provided with the invite email along with any other informationthat may be required.
  • It is the responsibility of the swimmer and parent/guardian to read the meet packcarefully before entering the meet.
  • Entry to a meet will be done via the swimmer’s online swim portal, unless otherwisestated.
  • Coaches should be consulted with, if advice on entry is required.
  • Queries for all meets should be sent to

The Club’s policy on entry times is as follows: The Swim Manager system will convert the swimmer’s time from short course to long course and vice versa to achieve the fastest time for the swimmer. This enables the swimmer to be entered into the fastest possible heat giving them the best opportunity.


Reasons why parents should abide by the Meet Entry Procedure

  1. Meet entries are all completed using one entry file. If swimmers enter by an alternative method, they may get missed from the entries.
  2. When the entries are submitted, the entry numbers dictate how many coaches and team managers are required for the meet. Entering without using the correct protocol can put the Club at risk from not adhering to those guidelines.
  3. When swimmers enter via the swim portal, the coaches have the opportunity to see what events the swimmer has entered and can then advise on the number and type of events to enter at that meet.
  4. When entering Swim Wales or British meets strict entry closing dates are set. If the closing date is missed, late entries are not accepted.
  5. It is good practice to get into the habit of meeting entry closing deadlines.