Swansea Aquatics Swimming Development Plan 2014 – 2017

This plan has been put together by Swansea Aquatics to promote the existing aquatic club structure within Swansea and suggest future developments and partnership working with Swansea Council, Schools, other clubs and Swim Wales.


  • To improve and promote the development of clear swimming pathways from learn to swim through to performance level swimming in the Swansea Area
  • To provide an Aquatics structure across the Swansea area that caters for all levels and abilities
  • To formalise the partnership between City of Swansea Aquatics and Swansea Council to provide clear direction, accountability and responsibilities to all parties in the delivery of all Aquatics in Swansea of which swimming is a part
  • To provide continued professional development and access to courses for all paid and volunteer coaches within Swansea Aquatics
  • To consolidate and secure our core income streams by developing and increasing membership
  • To maintain our financial controls so that the swimming programme can grow in a structured an maintainable way
  • To communicate with the members effectively and regularly
  • To use the plan to develop a long term vision and objective





COACHING and WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Vision: Coaching staff will be highly skilled and knowledgeable. Any salaried coach will have a personal development plan and the Club /Head Coach will facilitate access to appropriate training needs. The Club recognises that our coaching structure relies on substantial numbers of volunteers and we recognise that our volunteers need to be equipped with the required skills and knowledge to meet the needs of quality club development through the Swim Wales Dragon Mark accreditation scheme and other accreditation schemes if appropriate
  • Assess needs of the Aquatics workforce including club and council


  • Quality controlled coaching structures at each LTAD stage for the swimmers. Coordinate the coaching programme at the club to maximise coaching resource and tailor coaching to take into account LTAD needs. Club to have sufficient trained coaches and training facilities at all aquatic discipline levels. Further strengthen coaching opportunities for experienced swimmers to take part in volunteering/coaching/teaching activities within the club ie offer pathway to coaching


  • Coaches trained, qualified and mentored at the correct levels to teach/coach the differing Aquatic disciplines and  squad levels



  • Swim Wales courses delivered for judges1 and 2 and referees






  • Aquatics coordinator for City of Swansea Aquatics
  • Organisational needs analysis and training needs analysis carried out


  • Utilise above review, succession planning in place for development of Level 1,2 and 3 coaches. Work with Sport Wales for grant funding to help transition older experienced swimmers/other aquatic athletes into our coaching programme




























  • Annual development plan produced for volunteer coaches. Coaching evaluations of all coaches for disciplines to be delivered annually. Review sessions carried out externally . Partner with Swim Wales and Sport Wales/Council to deliver appropriate coaching courses.
  • Swim Wales courses delivered for J1 and J2 annually. Can be delivered by Sarah Ashton- referee for City of Swansea Aquatics




Job specification for Aquatics coordinator attached as Appendix . Aquatics coordinator has four primary functions


  •  Increase participation across all aquatic sports


  •  Improve retention levels within aquatics learn to swim and City of Swansea Aquatic club


  •  Manage and coordinate Aqua passport  and the welsh learn to swim framework across the city


  •  Improve the quality of teaching and coaching across the learn to swim  and club segments









End of 2014/15 seasonAt least three ex swimmers/annum into the club coaching structure with funding support for level 1 teaching or coaching course 











All coaches have  a development plan and annual appraisal





One course per year





Club works towards achieving funding for aquatics coordinator through grants/Swim Wales/club by end of 14/15 season

 ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT. Vision: Swimmers have the opportunities within the club to fully maximise their swimming achievements and remain with the sport when they choose to exit from the LTAD route. The club will offer a seamless swimming pathway for swimming development, performance and competitive swimming for post high performance younger swimmers
  • Update the Learn to Swim programme












































  • Coordination of Learn to Swim in the City of Swansea. Club and Council share best practice and pathways for other learn to swim schools. Establish links with other learn to swim providers within the city to establish quality standards for entry from their schemes into  the City of Swansea Aquatics  skills programme


  • Transition of swimmers into the club via automatic progression at level  6/7




  • Club links to school swimming and school links with LTS scheme



  • Adult Masters swimming



  •  Continue promotion of other groups ie Triathlon, Synchro, Water Polo, Diving



  •  Integration of disability programme













  •   Integration of performance programme into the club

































  • Retention of swimmers 14+



Introduction of Swim Wales Aqua passport scheme across the city. Swim Wales to deliver this but with support from the clubAqua passport is the only Learn to Swim Scheme approved by the National Governing Body for Wales.  Devised in conjunction with Sport Wales, Aqua Passport is an innovative scheme which we see as a key element in our plans to get every child in Wales swimming confidently by the age of 11. School Aqua Passport delivers a fun and engaging program for school swimming and provides links to Learn to swim and clubsAqua Passport comprises of the Welsh Learn to Swim scheme, which breaks down the delivery of teaching swimming into 8 distinct waves.  This has been designed to produce swimmers that can feel confident in water, and to link in to swimming clubs to progress their skills.

There is also an online element of Aqua Passport where children can log on and in real time get rewards and recognition for their progress through their lessons.  They are also able to play fun games and have a unique online experience that complements and encourages them through their lessons.


Please refer to www.aquapassport.com and the attached brochure for more details.


Introduce a forum for swim schemes in Swansea to share information, best practice and pathways for Aquatics. Integrate Swim Wales Aqua passport scheme into other swim schemes being delivered across the City


  • Provide opportunities for swimmers from the Council learn to swim schemes to move into the City of Swansea Aquatic structure. Process is overseen by an Aquatics co-ordinator. Encourage all swim schemes in the City to pass on their swimmers at the agreed level





















  • Work with the school swimming programme to promote the City of Swansea Aquatics programme including half term swim camps, swim safe camps. Also promote the links with school aquapassport
  • Promotion of adult learn to swim links     into Masters, provide a lower level improver section


  • Continue to provide Synchro, Water Polo and Diving opportunities and promote into schools as added value to the swimming programme. Offer triathlon swimming sessions as part of junior swimming and masters sections
  • Increase participation of children and adults with disability. Continue to support existing structure and seek external grant funding.
  • Swansea currently has a disability swimming club that is integrating into the Swansea Aquatics club.  Our strategy across Wales is to integrate disability swimming into the club structure, where able body and disability swimmers can train as one.

We do recognise that for some disability swimmers, integration into a general swimming programme is not possible.  We would look to work with the club and the council to provide opportunities so that all the residents of Swansea can learn to swim and progress their swimming if they desire


Swim Wales, with funding from Sport Wales and British Swimming are setting up a National performance centre in Swansea and Cardiff.  We see these two cities as vital to the success of elite swimming in Wales.  The benefits are that:

They both have 50m pools

They both have a strong club that can integrate into the performance centre

The cities have good universities, that swimmers can combine academics with a world class training programme

Swim Wales’s National Performance Director would oversee 3 coaches that all specialise in different areas such as sprint, distance and strokes.  We believe that swimmers should be coached in areas of their ability rather than taking a generalised approach.

The 3 squads would comprise of swimmers from Swansea University, City of Swansea Aquatics, senior swimmers who come to Swansea to train specifically and others from surrounding areas that qualify.

Whereas previously the swimmers were split based on where they came from, we would now integrate them all and split them based on the relevant coach and group they should be training in.  The decision would be made by the coaches and NPD in conjunction with input from the swimmer.

As we would be splitting them based on their strengths we would also look to have a fair fee structure that sits across this whole group so that from age 18 and over the fees the swimmer pays is based generally around GB rankings.  As there is integration between Swansea Aquatics and the performance squads, all would be a member of the club and would need to abide by club rules and representation. They would all need to be a part of the proposed fee collection by the council



  • Through City of Swansea Aquatics offer the options of all Aquatic disciplines through structured programmes
  • Swim Wales to deliver by end of 14/15 season

























  • Swim Wales to deliver by the end of 14/15 with the aim of aqua passport being provided by the private swimming providers in Swansea

























  • All primary schools in Swansea visited on a rolling basis with the aim of one  visit per annum





  • Masters to 30 by the end of 14/15










































Performance programme to start for the 14/15 season. Swim Wales to support as per agreement and memo of understanding. Performance programme to part of the club structure




CLUB. Vision: City of Swansea Aquatics is the vehicle for the delivery of all Aquatic disciplines within the city. City of Swansea Aquatics coaching staff act as the trusted coaching  and teaching resource for the  City and County of Swansea Learn to Swim programme and with the other learn to swim organisations in the City and communicates this message clearly and regularly. The club provides seamless access to all the Aquatic disciplines it delivers
  • City of Swansea Aquatics operated by Swansea Council, all membership and monthly squad fees paid to the Council. Competition revenue and fund raising revenue including kit revenue  to be held by the club to support swimmers at all levels of the programme


  • Pool space evaluation incorporating best practice and use for all aquatic disciplines –





  • Aquatics  programme to enable competitive opportunities at all levels and disciplines and raise the membership numbers by 50% and increase retention of swimmers





  • Club represented at decision making committees of the City and County of Swansea, Swim Wales and Sport Wales to represent club views and gain information from others
  • Low cost learn to swim programme ie passport to leisure feeds into club



  • Dragon Mark level 4 continuation and increase to level 5


  • Medal success at local, county, regional, national and international levels. Regional, National and International representation. An established seamless pathway to World class Performance through the Swim Wales/City of Swansea Aquatics performance programme














  • Close working relationship established with other local development clubs on the development of talented swimmers into the City of Swansea Aquatics performance programme. The club is viewed by development clubs as a partner and valuable resource in their club development










Unitary Authority agree to take over the operation of the club for the 2014/15 season. If not possible then club works with Leisure Trust to achieve its aimsCo-ordinated use of best pool time for all aspects of the unified programme taking into account Learn to Swim, swimming development and performance and other Aquatic disciplines



  • Maximise the intake of swimmers to the programme from learn to swim pathways. Improve the access to other Aquatic disciplines. Better relationships with other learn to swim providers and school swimming to maximise the intake of swimmers. Create a fully resourced coaching programme for the competitive swimming pathway to allow for exits from the performance programme to the competitive programme at a higher level. Make sure that other Aquatic options are available


  •  Chairman/Vice Chairman/Aquatics co-ordinator takes on this role as part of job description



Integration with the Council will enable the offer of the passport to leisure scheme. Access to grants to enable the delivery of low cost monthly fees for those on low incomes

Continue support for the Dragon Mark scheme and progression to level 5 through improved performance level

Integration of Swim Wales performance structure into the City of Swansea Aquatics. Coaches targeted on success at key National and International Level















  • Work in partnership with other clubs in the area


  • Have written agreements outlining swimming pathways offered as well as expectations


  • Have clear guidelines on development clubs talented swimmers competitive availability and representation


·         Have clear guidelines on club acknowledgement and membership for development club swimmer involvement in the programme


 Club has a formalised relationship with either the Council or local Leisure Trust provider 




Club carries out pool space evaluation twice yearly to ensure best practice and usage









Sufficient swimming teachers/coaches trained within the club to run the skills programme assuming an additional intake from learn to swim programmes of:


o   75 swimmers in 2015

o   125 swimmers in 2016

Swimming membership to be 350+ by end of 15/16 season
















Club achieves Performance Level 5 in 14/15 season


Expectation is increasing numbers of swimmers at national Age and Youth Champs. Expectation is international representation, finalists and medals


International Representation

European Youth Olympics

2015 – 1 Swimmer

2017 – 2 swimmer


European Junior Swimming Champs

2015 – 2 Swimmer

2016 – 3 Swimmer

Commonwealth Youth Games

2015 – 4 Swimmers

Commonwealth Games

2018 – 4 Swimmer

Olympic Games

2016 – 1 Swimmer

2020 – 2 swimmers









ADMINISTRATION, MARKETING AND INNOVATION. Vision: City of Swansea Aquatics will demonstrate awareness of current developments in swimming, keep up to date and be innovative in embracing new technologies or practices to keep the club moving forward. The club has a clearly defined marketing programme and budget
The club uses IT platforms to communicate regularly with its members The clubs website is the main focus for communication with its members and better use is made of thisThe clubs uses IT to monitor and evaluate the swimmers progress. The club uses IT to establish reporting systems on individual swimmers progress



The club has a more professional approach to marketing utilising different mediums ie radio, notice boards, personal communication with members, local press


Child Protection officers and their names are clearly communicated


Club continues to have clear policies and procedures for administering the club and these are reviewed on an annual basis


Club trains team managers and officials internally making sure they are mentored at the correct level and that they are exposed to the right level of meets to gain experience


Club trains and develops its own  events management team


Club creates new innovative projects yearly


Develop the club website both visually and functionally. Utilise social media more effectively 

Work on club IT platforms for record keeping and reporting




Club develops marketing strategies utilising local press/radio/professional notice boards




Chairman/Vice Chairman/Aquatics Co-ordinator to administer



Chairman/Vice Chairman/Aquatics Co-ordinator to administer


Ensure all committee members have access to training in their roles and responsibilities if required. Club trains officials twice a year, this is coordinated by Aquatics Co-ordinator and Exec committee


Club has functioning website and embraced key social media platforms for communication 





By the end of 2015/16 individual performance swimmers progress and achievements are monitored and reviewed electronically and communicated annually to parents via reporting system




Club has developed at least one marketing campaign by the end of 2015



















No of officials and team managers within the club


o   20 by the end of 2014

o   30 by the end of 2015

o   40 by the end of 2016



Applied for additional external bursaries/sponsorship  for marketing/training


By 2014 one innovative project per year